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June 6, 2013
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Despair: New pony OC (Read Description for her bio by Mlp-Antasma-Beat Despair: New pony OC (Read Description for her bio by Mlp-Antasma-Beat

the 5th of the demon pony sister hood, despair is the pony that embodies the element of darkness, which has manifested itself in such a way that a few things about the 5th sister are a lot different from her normal element counterparts, the 1st of these is that all of the darkness inside of her had found its way into her skull and has made it alot darker that her sister typical white one,

another thing is that that all of the sorrow and pain that she has inflicted on to other and that which has been inflicted upon to others has manifested itself as a pure black weeping spirit that only gets stronger with each victim despair brings pain upon, the spirit itself if she is in possession of a body is the spirit of the body that she is possessing, so they know what has happened to them and they know thy can't do anything to change what has happened, and without the ability to speak all they can do is weep in sorrow at what they have become.

as for how despair as she is the cunning smooth talking manipulator of the sister, finding innocent prey and twister her words and there to make it sound like she will give them what they wants, but of course they are always false promises and all that make a deal with despair all meet the same fate no matter how loyal they were to her,as all that make a deal with despair are to blinded by there own desires to read the small print on the contracts that she conjures up from her flaming tail,which usually states either she has full possession of the body or they have signed there souls away to her Queen midnight, however depending on the time span of there contract if they are truely loyal and devoted to her no matter what she can be fair and douse have a small side of compassion so that when your soul stands before the queen of the nether she will put in a good word for you so that you may have a better afterlife or get a higher position opposed to one of the toy of midnights doomed to entertain her for all eternity.

but like all her other sister she is now but a ghost and douse need a host body to posses in order to sleep and carry on bringing pain and suffering to those she finds, however she is very picky about her hosts, and she need a host that has lots of darkness in his or her heart, not necessarily evil but they desire power and control over things and they only look out for themselves, when she find a pony with even a few of these scum baggy qualities is manipulates them with her devilish tongue into believing they will get all the power they want, which in a way they did because the are now a demon pony sister, the downside of course is they are no longer and never will be in control of there body ever again as unlike her sisters, despair keeps control of her host until the host body dies and then shes takes its soul down the nether all broken and ready to entertain her queen Midnight.

she also has two other strange things about her about her, the 1st is she has a split personality, hence her color patterns, as one moment she can be a smooth talking tactiful manipulator and the next a completely psychotic creature that can only be described as a evil clown, as her crazy side has a maniacal laugh and all of her marks glow in a eerie neon glow that is r of one of them haunted house rides where you see the glowing light then the scary face comes out from the darkness, it is even said that she has a special haunted house somewhere in the deep jungles of the everfree forest were she takes ponies and traps them inside her haunted house just so she can watch them suffer before appearing in the final room of her haunted house ride to end there suffering, or if she still feels like toying with them, the she will get some of her blood that is leaking from her neck and eye sockets and make the victim consume it resulting in a experience that is best described as scarecrow's fear gas from batman, making the victim see hallucinations and terrible scary shit that will either give them a heart attack or leave them as a broken mess and hers for the taking.

Currently Possessing Black Stream.

Another pony I adopted from :iconinsaneponyadopts:


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I love dark OCs :)
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she looks cool you should make more of her ^^
can you do that pweez? :D
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My OC, D.I, Kinda Looks Like That
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Would she dare to thread on the Cruel Angel of Fire and Pain, Lucifer?
Mlp-Antasma-Beat Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
Perhaps cause she is just like that.
General-Sedivh Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013  Student General Artist
Game on.
Mlp-Antasma-Beat Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
Lol ok XP
cela08 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013
Oh god, I love the description on the terribleponies tumblr for this! "Prepare to have the shit scared out of you." The only thing I would have to say about why this would get in would be because you went crazy on the specialness here. But seriously, she embodies goddamn depression, so of course she would have to look.... unique!
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